Conversion of vessels type “Dmitriy Pozharskiy”

In 2003-2007 Murmansk Shipping Company carried out a programme of the conversion of 7 vessels type “Dmitriy Pozharskiy"

As a result of the conversion the following characteristics were improved:

  • economical,

  • navigational,

  • maneuvering.

As after conversion Russian Maritime Register of Shipping issued a certificate of conformity with the requirements of hull structure renovation procedure for 2 SS level, the bulk carriers received approvals of the major European charterers and cargo owners / receivers.

Conversion of vessels type «M.Strekalovskiy».

To improve competitiveness, economical and operational results of the vessels type «M.Strekalovskiy»  Murmansk Shipping Company carried out conversion and enlarged cargo capacity for bulk cargoes.

Purchase of bulk carriers type «GRUMANT».

In accordance with the programme of the fleet renewal adopted by the Board of Directors in 2004 the company concluded agreements for delivery of new modern bulk carriers which meet the requirements of up-to-date safety standards and efficient operation with deadweight   23700 and RS class KM (STAR) LU4 [i] A2 BULK CARRIER no MP BC-A (ESP).