Social policy

Being one of the largest enterprises in the city the Murmansk Shipping Company presents Russia in the international shipping industry. Basic elements of Company’s HR programme are: improvement of the image of the shipping industry, participation in the regional social programmes and social guarantees for its employees.

 Russian shipping industry social image improvement:

  • Effective cooperation with existing and potential international partners of the company;

  •  Permanent and regular work with national  and international maritime organizations, forums, institutions and movements including environmental organizations, meetings with foreign officials;

  • Participation in international and national conferences, symposia, seminars with reports and documents which raise Russia’s prestige;

  • Patronage over Orphan House No. 5 and School № 53;

  • Patronage over the 11th Anti - aerocarrier Division of Nuclear Submarines of the Northern Navy;

  • Patronage over Military Unit No. 3798, over the Kola Division of anti-aircraft defense; the 9th Vilensky Air Fighter Regiment, awarded with the Kutuzov's Order of 3rd degree;

  • Employment of young specialists into the Company within the regional programme called «HR for the Murmansk Region Economic Development until 2015»;

  • Training and employment of regular military service seamen and officers from the Northern Navy reserve – these are the main points of social cooperation between the company and region administration;

  • Programme of the care and support for the people injured while doing their duties at the company;

  • Participation in building and care of historical and cultural centers and monuments;

  • Regional and federal social projects support;

  • Cultural and educational work on the base of the Murmansk Shipping Company Museum;

  • Arctic Explorers Association is the centre of public research;

  • Summer recreation possibilities for employees and their children;

  • Special care for young specialists of the Company, including interest-free loans for purchase or construction of lodging;

  • Care and support of the Company's veterans, maintaining of corporate traditions.