Safety and quality system

The company ensures the highest standards of the quality and safety in all the spheres of its activities as it is a main condition of keeping a competitive position in the shipping market and gaining maximum profits.

In its turn the company's management expects each employee, both onboard and onshore, to follow all the regulations and standards of the company.

The proper level of quality, safety and ship protection can only be achieved as a result of every employee's involvement and participation in this process, whereas the overall responsibility for management, comprehensive support and realization of this policy belongs to the top management.

On shore and onboard the proper quality, safety and protection of the ships are reached first of all by prevention of errors, emergencies and other incidents. In case of any emergency each employee is obliged to take part in identification and elimination of the eventual causes of incidents in order to prevent such cases in future.

The Company maintains the quality and safety of transport and auxiliary services in accordance with the relevant international and national requirements; it results in full satisfaction of customer inquiries.