Mission and strategy

Our mission is a sa­fe and ef­fec­ti­ve sea trans­porta­ti­on of car­go as well as a leading po­si­ti­on in a year-round trans­porta­ti­on of bulk, ge­ne­ral, car­go and hydro­car­bon raw ma­te­rial in North-Atlantic and Arc­tic zones.

Our strategy is to keep sustainable economic growth of the company with the help of in­no­va­te methods of ma­na­ge­ment, to in­crease the quali­ty and to ensure sa­fe­ty of sea trans­porta­ti­on, to preserve the en­vi­ron­ment and guarantee sa­fe­ty on working places in accordance with the highest in­terna­tional stan­dards using the best tra­di­tions of Rus­si­an na­vi­ga­tion and our own expe­rien­ce in or­der to hold a strong and compe­ti­ti­ve position in the ship­ping mar­ket.