Environment protection management system

Realizing the impact of the industry on the environment, the Murmansk Shipping Company ensures a continuous improvement of environment, prevents environment pollution while carrying out its activities.

The company undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with the environmental legislation following all international and national requirements and standards in the sphere of environment pollution prevention.

The company identifies and assesses the environmental aspects which can have a major impact on the environment; it develops and introduces a complex of measures to minimize these impacts as well as identifies risks to be eliminated or supervised.

First and foremost, the environment management system of the company is aimed at the prevention of failures and accidents. Therefore the company takes measures in compliance with international and national regulations as well as with inner standards and procedures  to ensure safe and efficient operation of the ships and to prevent environment pollution.

In case of any pollution or an accident threat the company expects fast, decisive and efficient response actions of its personnel.

The management of the company is responsible for implementation of the environmental issues. The company supports its employees' environmental initiatives.

Murmansk Shipping Company informs its customers, suppliers and authorities about its intentions, efforts and achievements in the environmental management system of the company.